CTS offers a comprehensive range of English programs for International and Vietnamese organizations tailored specifically to your needs.

Specialist Group English Programs

Specialist Group Programs enable participants to improve their language skills in a specific professional or communication area. Discussion topics and activities are chosen based on the needs of the group participants. Programscan include elements of business and general English.

Some examples of our programs:

  • English for Banking & Finance
  • English for Energy Industry
  • English for Engineers
  • English for Hospitality Industry
  • English for Human Resources
  • English for IT Industry
  • English for Law
  • English for Marketing English for Meetings
  • English for Negotiations
  • English for Presentations
  • English for Sales
  • English for Secretaries
  • English for Socializing
  • English for Tourism
  • Technical English
  • Telephone Skills
  • Writing Business Letters

One-to-One English Programs

These programs are designed to ensure that an individuals learning is as effective as possible. As the courses are individual, the programs are designed to meet the training requirements of each participant, taking into account such practical areas as:

  • Participant’s key objectives.
  • Their current language level
  • Their experience of language learning
  • How they will be using the language for meetings or
  • presentations, for social events, writing reports, etc.
  • Whether they need to use specific technical vocabulary in their work.1
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Other Training Programs

In-house Programs

CTS offers tailored in-house training programs,
which are designed to meet the demands and
requirements of your company.

Public Programs

CTS offers a wide range of training programs at premium conference venues in Ho Chi Minh City monthly for individuals and corporate clients.

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