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This course combines negotiation, persuasion, influence and communication. These skills are interrelated and their cumulative effect results in a powerful and memorable learning experience.
Designed for:
Managers, supervisors and employees at any levels who want to improve their persuasive communication & negotiation skills to apply in workplace situations.
Learning Objectives:
Understand the elements and skills for persuasive communication
Identify and develop different personal communication styles
The knowledge and tools to be able to succeed in competitive and collaborative negotiations
Handle difficult situations in negotiation and practice applying real-life situations
Course Content:
Part 1: Persuasive communication skills
  • Communication process - What is persuasive communication?
  • Understand yourself and communicate effectively with 4 types of personality
  • Communicate confidently
    • 3V principle
    • Using the words - 5C principle
  • Listening skills
    • 5 levels of listening
    • Active listening – LACE formula
  • Questioning skills
    • 4 principles of asking questions
    • Funnel-shaped questioning techniques
  • Feedback skills: BOOST & SANDWICH techniques
Part 2: Negotiate with external and internal customers
  • Skills & preparation for persuasion & negotiation
    • Develop negotiating capacity effectively: Attitude – Knowledge – Skills
    • 05 personal negotiating styles
    • 05 elements of win-win thinking
    • Fix 10 common mistakes when negotiating
  • The importance of preparation before negotiation
    • Key elements to consider before negotiation
    • Identify goals using LIM, plan and predict the results
    • Assess partners using SWOT
    • 06 gold notes in negotiations need to remember
  • How to negotiate effectively?
    • Using 6 psychological attacks to convince partners: Creating sympathy - Response - Social evidence - Commitment and consistency - Authority – Scarcity
  • Using strategy and tactics
    • 9 steps to reach agreement in negotiations
  • Handling difficult situations in negotiation
    • How to negotiate with 5 groups of difficult customers
    • Speak less
    • Lack of concentration
    • Talk a lot
    • Experienced
    • Hesitant, less assertive
  • Negotiation strategies
    • Negotiate on the price
    • Approach to the courtesy
    • Underwater net
    • Submarine boat
    • Buy first - pay later
    • Good guys - bad guys

The course details:

Duration: 08 & 09 March 2021 
Platform: Offline at 4-star hotel
Language: Vietnamese
Trainer: TBC
Fee: 4,900,000 per participant
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