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Effectively handling and resolving customer complaints is vital to any organisations’ customer service and success. Providing first class customer service is about creating the right impression first time - a must for front line staff. To be successful at customer service requires an understanding of customer expectations and the skills to exceed that expectation, even when faced with difficult customers. This training course is both practical and interactive, providing the personal and professional skills required for staff who are often the first point of contact for customers. Throughout the course delegates will have the opportunity to practice customer service skills with role play, practical exercise and in discussion groups, enabling a confident return to the workplace.

Designed for:

Front line staff in direct contact with customers, who are required to manage a wide variety of customer expectations, and to gain sales commitment from clients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the impact of good/bad service.
  • Create and maintain a professional customer-led image.
  • Learn how to develop customer empathy.
  • Remain calm even when under pressure.
  • Adapt your style to meet the needs of different types of customers
  • Use effective questioning techniques to assess buyer needs, while building customer commitment towards buying
  • Deal with customers complaints professionally
  • Develop specific strategies for conflict resolution
  • Recognise classic profiles of difficult people and strategies for handling them
  • Pre-empt challenging situations and avoid escalating them further
  • Develop communication skills designed to improve your delivery of bad or unpleasant news
  • Recognise personality types with which you may clash
  • Develop assertive skills and behaviours
  • Handle aggressive behaviour
  • Calm angry, upset and unresponsive individuals

Course Content:

Recognising what customer service excellence really means to you and your customers

  • The consequences of good/bad service
  • Looking to exceed customer expectations
  • Managing customer's heightened expectations

The Customer-led Approach

  • Managing first impressions face-to-face/ telephone
  • Putting customer needs first
  • Making the customer feel special and valued
  • Ensuring there is a 'no pressure' relationship
Identifying 'best practice' in managing different customer situations
  • Prioritize and focus on the top expectations of customers
  • Identify one’s own personality style and the personality styles of customers
  • Practice a three step system for maintaining professionalism and composure when dealing with irate customers

Communicating Positively

  • Improving verbal skill-use of appropriate language, understanding what not to say
  • Vocal skill - understanding the key elements for developing the voice  effectively  
  • Visual skill - body language
  • Establishing rapport
  • Ending on a positive note

Questioning techniques

  • Recognising different types of questions
  • Technique for asking and answering questions
  • Purposeful Questioning

Listening skills

  • What is active listening
  • Techniques to improve active listening
  • Checking and demonstrating understanding

Assessing and qualifying the customer need

  • Identifying Customer’s Needs
  • Building/developing customer relationships
  • Developing customer loyalty programmes
  • Identifying customer value/providing satisfactory solutions

Objection handling

  • Effective Response Methods

Identifying the different types of difficult customers

  • Recognising classic profiles of difficult people
  • Recognising the personality types with which you may clash unconsciously

Understanding angry or dissatisfied customers

  • Identifying the reasons why external customers become angry
  • Responding appropriately to the needs of angry customers

Defusing the Situation

  • Specific phrases you can say to calm different types of customers
  • Convincing customers you can and will do something to solve their problems
  • Cutting through emotions to get the facts you need to solve the problem
  • Ensuring the customer feels "heard" and why it's essential for resolving the complaint

Resolving the Complaint

  • Defining the problem and its complexity
  • How optioning can help you solve their problems and retain them as customers
  • Dealing with customers who only want to talk to management
  • Tactfully handling a situation when the customer caused the problem
  • How to avoid getting drawn into an argument

Operation Recovery

  • Step-by-step actions you must take to regain a customer's trust and dedication
  • Show customers you sincerely value their business
  • Phrases that let customers know their satisfaction is and remains your top priority
Why complaining customers are valuable resources and how to reward them

Meet your trainer: Mr. Raymundo Jeziel

Ray has over 25 years experience working in a variety of industries in Vietnam. He has worked at the following organisations:
Ocean Star Resort
General Manager
Prudential Vietnam Assurance PLC
Customer Services Manager – General Agency Support Nationwide, Operation
Office Services Manager – Nationwide, Corporate Affairs
Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon
Front Office Manager
United Overseas Bank
Marketing Supervisor – Credit Card Division
The Omni Saigon Hotel
Front Office Manager

Ray is a full-time business and management trainer with over twenty years’ experience working in a variety of industries in Viet Nam. In addition, he has been conducting training programs to both foreign organizations and Vietnamese companies during the past fifteen years. He has developed and delivered training workshops to over 50 organizations in Vietnam.

The course details: Customer Service & Handling Complaints
: 24 & 25 November 2021 (2 days - 4 sessions)
Platform: Zoom
Language: Vietnamese
Trainer: Ms. Thầy Raymundo Jeziel
Fee: 3,200,000 per participant
Please contact us 028 6285 6440 to register or fill out the form here

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